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Mr. Stephen L. Ivie, P.C. began his private practice of law in Ashburn, Georgia in 1974. In 1978, Mr. Ivie became corporate counsel for All American of Ashburn, Inc., a local mobile home manufacturer in the United States with over $100 million year in sales with 9 plants in 5 states. A large portion of the work for the mobile home manufacturer pertained to warranty claims, contracts and negotiations with account receivable lenders and state and federal government agencies. All-American also developed mobile home and modular subdivisions in which he was a major decision contributor, operations manager, and handled the legal work. As corporate counsel of All-American, Mr. Ivie was involved in a number of different development projects in Mobile, Alabama, Tallahassee, Florida and Houston, Texas, and gained extensive experience in subdividing land and in mobile home parks. In 1983, All-American filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition in which Mr. Ivie was co-counsel. A substantial amount of experience was acquired in the area of bankruptcy.


After the liquidation of All-American, three other mobile home manufacturers were established by former All-American employees. Mr. Ivie was also retained as corporate counsel for Homestead Homes, Inc., a mobile home manufacturer, and served as corporate counsel from 1984 to 1989. In 1996, Mr. Ivie incorporated and began representing a new mobile home company, Craftmade Homes, Inc., in Sylvester, Georgia.

While Mr. Ivie's practice grew, he was placed on a retainer or represented at various times in the past by several local corporations and has represented PAGE in this district for over twenty years. In 1980, Mr. Ivie was incorporator and legal counsel in the application for the charter of Worth Federal Savings & Loan Association and was secretary, corporate counsel, a loan committee member and a member of the board of directors of Worth Federal from 1980 to 1989. In 1985, as co-counsel, a petition was filed to convert the association to a stock association which was granted. In 1991, Worth Federal was sold to a bank holding company. In the first five to seven years of Mr. Ivie's practice, as is required in a small town, you are appointed to a substantial number of criminal cases. As a result of these appointments he gained a significant amount of trial experience.

In the last five years Mr. Ivie's practice has been increasingly involved in plaintiff litigation, including Georgia traffic accidents, Georgia traffic citations, and wrongful death actions, medical malpractice, contractual disputes, and Georgia traffic defense. In the past Mr/ Ivie has done a large percentage of Georgia real estate closings, collections, bankruptcy creditor representation and foreclosure work for a local bank. He also represents two large multiple state check cashing businesses throughout the United States as their corporate counsel. As a general practitioner in a small town, Mr. Ivie handles collections, contracts, business transactions, wills, trusts, and estate planning. Mr. Ivie's practice includes cases and files in a diverse number of areas, but as his practice has grown Mr. Ivie has been able to be more selective about his cases; focusing on criminal misdemeanor defense and Georgia traffic defense. Today his practice is diversified but is dominated by plaintiff litigation, representing differed deposit corporations and Georgia real estate closings.  

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